Friday, August 29, 2014

The New Kid in Germany

It's been more than a while, I know. This summer was awfully busy for me. 
In short: I graduated, got engaged and moved to Germany, and a lot in-between.

Now I live in a not-very-small-but-kinda-small-for-me city, called Kassel. Never heard of it? It's alright, neither did I. Here, I moved in with my fiance (still weird to call him that way) and I'm looking for a job. Until then, time to take some photos of my new dress from my favorite shop, Gossip Tree. I just couldn't leave Romania without some unique things to show off in Germany. And walking around the town with a big red cross on you is not very common here, except for the punk-rock-goth teenagers who want to be different.

Speaking of uniqueness, I walked a bit through the city with my camera and wasn't so impressed. Hopefully I will find people who won't blend in with the crowd and are willing to be photographed.

dress - White Elephant // shirt - Atmosphere // bag - Marc O'Polo // shoes - Steve Madden

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