Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Upgraded Boots

During the Summer, I got this fabulous pair of Conte of Florence boots as a gift from a very dear and special person. Since I never owned such different boots, I was so excited and eager to wear them. Well the weather is not quite in their favor, yet, but the snow will come. However, I did wear them on a rainy day and I felt good, but not great. Something was missing. A touch of joy and happiness. I then saw these boots as a white canvas for my personality portrait. 

Since I already have my super-special-hand-painted shoes, I said why not have an additional super-special-hand-painted boots? So I called the one and only Diana Ribana and asked for help and creativity. And now my boots are upgraded to something unique, something that puts a smile on everybody's face, including mine.

Thursday, January 09, 2014

Vintage Street Style

Happy New Year Everybody!

I have a very tight and busy schedule, but while searching the Internet I came across these beautiful vintage shots that are an inspiration for the winter time if you want to look as classy as can be.

Get inspired!