Monday, March 11, 2013

Lookool in Lipscani

Remember I told you that Horia took a photo of me a week ago downtown? This is it! I like it, maybe because it was made by another photographer. He was asking me "Is it ok? Do you like it?", but I didn't care that much, I was happy he just did it. Don't forget about the contest on their website.

I was wearing my favorite pants that I bought from Glow and my new favorite cardigan (or I don't know how to call it) from Pierre Cardin. I have searched for so long for a cardigan like this: large, loose, comfortable and chic in the same time. Now I'm happy to have one that I really like and wear it almost every day. Also, I have a new haircut, but I hope to take some closed-up photos of it. I was inspired by Anna Karina, but I'll tell you the story when I have the pics. 

Oh, I'm flying to Istanbul in 2 days. Can't wait!! Just hoping to capture the style of Istanbul and, why not, do a little bit of shopping. Have a bright week!

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