Sunday, August 12, 2012


My friend from Gossip Tree asked me to pose with two dresses for her album.
I'm not very good as a model, as you can see, I'm more comfortable to be behind the camera. 
But I had fun and felt good to wear two super cute and super sweet dresses.

Of course that you can find them in the-now-famous-on-my-blog Gossip Tree, in Sibiu.

dress by Diana Ribana

And in the second picture you can see my new sandals from Steve Madden, which I absolutely adore. My friends know how anxious I was for the package to arrive and they also noticed my happiness, that lasted a couple of days, after I had my hands on them. God bless shoes and their good effect on us, women.


  1. Esti buna si de model si de fotograf :P Maryy me :D