Sunday, July 15, 2012

Vintage Photos

I got inspired by the Sartorialist to post some vintage photos on my blog. 

These are my grandparents with my mother in the 60s. 
I truly love this photo, because of the style my grandparents have, but especially my grandmother's. I love the color of her dress and her nude pumps, and that her style is still modern.
Back in the 60s it was very difficult to have a color photo. My grandmother told me they knew someone who knew someone and made it possible. This photo is the only color photo my grandparents have from those years and I'm grateful that I could see the colors of my grandmother's dress and shoes.

This is my mom in the 80s when she was in college and when she met my dad.
I truly like this picture because it's so casual, but also a little editorial. I love the fact that my mom is posing and how my dad looks at her. And of course I like my mom's simple dress and the classic 80s glasses that are in again.

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